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1. Phone cards to call Russia
(Category - Russian)
Phone cards to make international calls to Russia. Savings on calling cards for overseas calls to the Russian Federation.  ...
2. Phone cards to call from Russia
(Category - Russian)
Save on international, long distance and local calls from Russia. Phone cards that can be used in the Russian Federation.  ...
Current sales and promotions on international phone calls to Russia. Saving and discounts on calling cards. Russian phone cards on sale.  ...
4. Phone cards FAQ
(Category - Russian)
Frequently asked questions about phone cards offered on Russia Call. Calling card features and characteristics.  ...
5. Cell phones in Russia
(Site content/header messages - Russian)
How to call mobile phone numbers in Russia ...
6. How to call a cell phone number in Russia
(Russia/How to call Russia - Russian)
International phone calls to cell phones in Russia are not much different than overseas calls to Russian land line numbers.  The only noticable difference is that the rate to call a Russian mobile number ...
7. Buy phone card without credit card
(Information/About Russia Call - Russian)
Would you like to buy a phone card without using a credit card?  Russia Call offers you an option to pay for your calling card purchases without exposing your credit card and any other bank account details. ...
8. Call Russia Now
(Site content/Newsflash - Russian)
Best rates to call Russia
9. Rounding of phone calls
(FAQ/Phone cards FAQ - Russian)
Many phone cards round the duration of a call to the nearest second, minute, two or three minutes.  For example, if you have a phone card with 1 minute rounding and talk for 45 seconds you will be ...
10. Maintenance fee
(FAQ/Phone cards FAQ - Russian)
About phone card maintenance fee Maintenance fee may be applied to phone card's balance within 24 hours after the first phone call is made. Maintenance fee can be deducted from card's balance every week ...
11. AT&T phone card
(Russia/Phone cards to call Russia - Russian)
... is one of the most recognizable names in the telecommunications business. Phone cards from AT&T are some of the highest rated in terms of connectivity, voice quality, billing accuracy and customer ...
12. Advantages of using phone cards
(Site content/header messages - Russian)
Learn about different ways to call Russia
13. Time zones
(Site content/header messages - Russian)
Pay attention to Russia time zones when making calls
14. Russian area codes
(Site content/header messages - Russian)
Read about Russian area codes and dialing rules
15. Save on calls to Russia with phone cards on sale
(Site content/header messages - Russian)
Save extra on calls to Russia with phone cards on sale ...
16. Information about phone calls
(Site content/header messages - Russian)
Find the dialing instructions for calls to Russia
17. Russia Call save on phone cards
(Site content/header messages - Russian)
Russia Call offers you the best rates on calls to Russia
18. Recommend our cards and earn money
(Sale/Referral and affiliate programs - Russian)
If you are looking for a way to save even more on the already low priced phone cards from Russia Call, consider recommending our phone cards to your friends. Both your friends and you will be rewarded ...
19. Cheap Call phone card
(Russia/Phone cards to call Russia - Russian)
... $50 $100 Compare Cards The Cheap Call phone cards offers some of the best rates for international ...
20. Continental phone card
(Russia/Phone cards to call Russia - Russian)
... feature rich phone cards ever offered.  Not only does it work as a regular calling card, it can also be used to connect any two phones via internet inteface or SMS text message, set up a conference ...
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