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Russia Call. Information about calls to Russia. Phone cards.Russia Call is your source for international calls to the Russian Federation. This site focuses primarily on overseas calls to Russia, providing the current and constantly updated information on international calls savings, discounts, and deals on phone cards. You will also find dialing instructions, country and area code information, and detailed features explaining how to call Russia and when traveling overseas from Russia. Dialing instructions and special savings on calls to Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia, are also found on Russia Call provides you with the best calling cards from a US telecommunications company that has been in business since 1996.

Russia Call is an American website is based in the United States. Our main offices are located in Boston, Massachusetts. We provide the customer service and commitment to customer support that has been a distinctly American tradition. Feel free to contact us at 1-800-219-6993 if you are calling from the US or at 1-617-861-4107; you can also e-mail us with your questions.

Russia Call is quality committed

We select our cards based on customer feedback and ratings from users like you. Our phone cards disclose all the information you need to know about them before you make your purchase. All calling cards presented on Russia Call include toll-free customer support you can contact with any questions you might have.

We respect your privacy

Russia Call is committed to protecting your privacy. Read our Privacy Policy.

Russia Call provides secure payment transactions

Your payments are absolutely safe and secure on Russia Call. uses VeriSign to conduct credit and debit card transactions using security protocol for Internet payments - SSL. Your payment is processed directly by VeriSign. Your personal data is never available to us. After VeriSign processes your card transactions we simply receive a confirmation from the credit card processing company. We also offer you a means to buy phone cards without using your credit card, as Russia Call accepts PayPal payments. All secure transactions are fast and easy. You will have your phone card in a matter of seconds. At the same time all transactions are monitored to ensure no fraud is taking place.

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Russia Call. Information and savings on calls to Russia.