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Russia Call accepts payments by credit and debit cards issued by Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Your personal data is never available to us. It is transmitted to VeriSign, a leading e-commerce payment transaction company. We also accept PayPal.

Payment Security

Credit cards accepted

When you purchase a phone card from Russia Call your transaction is safe and secure. We have no access to your personal data such as the name and the number on your credit card. For credit card payment we use VeriSign, a leader in online payment transactions. The only information Russia Call receives is a confirmation from VeriSign that your payment went through.
Payment acceptance agreement
About online payment

Pay without using a credit card

Buy phone cards with PayPal

Russia Call offers you a means to pay without using a credit card. You have a choice to pay for your phone card using PayPal. Once again, we simply receive a confirmation from PayPal that your payment went through. No other information is transmitted to us.

Payment data is transmitted via SSL provides you with a secure encrypted payment system.

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Russia Call. Information and savings on calls to Russia.