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There are several ways to make an international call: using your long distance provider, with a store bought card, with a mobile phone, with Skype or similar internet application. Why choose online phone cards from Russia Call?

Online phone cards vs. long distance

Picking up your home phone and starting to dial seems the easiest as it is not much different from making a long distance call. If you have a long distance provider it will allow you to also make international calls. But before you start dialing, find out how much it will cost you to call Russia. It can be as high as $3 a minute. Yes, you might find a lower rate if you sign up for some plan, but you would pay extra for that plan and it will still cost you more than what you pay using a phone card from Russia Call. And, unlike with a phone card, you are tied to your home phone.

Advantages of instant phone cards purchased online: much lower cost (savings as high as 95%), ability to use from any phone, no switching plans or signing up for anything extra.

Phone cards from Russia Call vs. mobile phones

Mobile phones might offer a lower rate than a long distance company, but we are still talking dollars instead of cents. A call to Russia might run you about $1.50 a minute. Note that while you might have free long distance it doesn't help you with free international calls. Most plans will charge you extra to call Canada, never mind Russia. If you do like the convenience of a cell phone you can still use your mobile and actually save on international calls. Simply buy a phone card and use it with your phone.

Advantages of phone cards: lower cost (cents vs. dollars); can still be used with a cell phone if you are looking for mobility.

Instant calling cards purchased online vs. store bought phone cards

You've seen those phone cards at a grocery store or a gas station. They advertise a lower rate compared with long distance. They don't list all the rates to all the countries though, so you might never know. With an online store such as Russia Call you know the exact rate.

What's the difference between the store bought phone cards and the ones purchased online? Mainly the cost. With the phone card you find at a retail location you got extras to pay for: the little piece of plastic it's printed on and the store overhead (they have to make some extra money too) and whatever else the costs associated with those cards (shipping, restocking, etc.) You, the customer, will be the one paying for it.

With phone cards purchased online from Russia Call you got the same exact thing as you get on a little plastic card: access numbers, PINs, etc. In fact you get more information available to you online. And you pay much less, since there is no shipping cost, no overhead, no plastic to pay for. If you are looking for the brand name, Russia Call has that as well: AT&T phone card.

Finally, you don't need to go anywhere to buy a phone card online. You can purchase a calling card from the comfort of your home 24/7, no holidays, no weekends.

Russia Call phone cards vs. Skype and other internet based software

It has become a popular thing to make phone calls using Internet. You probably have heard about making free international calls. Why not call for free to Russia? Well, there is always a catch. To make that free call both calling parties have to be on the internet and have to use the same software to talk to each other. Calls to regular phone numbers are not free. Yes, they are cheap, but not as cheap as what Russia Call has to offer. And, unlike the internet based calls, phone cards allow you to call from any phone. You don't need internet access, no software, no hardware such as headphones and microphones. Just pick up any phone -- land line or mobile -- and dial and save.

Advantages of using phone cards

  • Lower cost without sacrificing the quality
  • Purchased and delivered instantly online
  • Can be used from any phone any where: home, business, hotel, pay phone, cell phone, etc.
  • No plans to sign up for
  • No switching long distance
  • No need in internet access to make a call
  • No extra hardware or software needed


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